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And quite frankly, everyone needs to know.




From the desk of Luke Fortune:


Wouldn’t it be nice to know if we have UFO technology?


Of course it would. If we had the answer, it would change civilization as we know it.  We’d finally know what people were really seeing in the skies.  We’d either move forward into a futuristic reality, or if some UFO’s actually are piloted by aliens, we’d move into a galactic civilization.  The structure of society as we know it would change.  Great improvements in the quality of life would occur.


We’ve all seen the fantastic claims other authors make about their books about alien contact, or government UFO conspiracies, and these authors are making tons of money.  But what are they providing?  They aren’t providing tangible evidence.  Or worse they are selling you the idea that it is forever outside of your reach--that it's alien technology, that the chemical elements don't exist on earth... There are many books that claim to have the answers, and even some that claim to have UFO technology patents.  I can tell you right now that 99% of these people are total frauds. You may have been swindled by one of these scam artists, selling you their latest “UFO technology compilation,” only to find out that it’s a list of funny-shaped airplanes. 


I’ve been swindled, too.  I’ve bought enough of these books that I can’t even recall how many.  Like an optimist, I try to see the best in people, and I was sold by these authors, time and time again, even after feeling scammed.  Finally, after so many disappointments, I got fed up.  I decided to get to the bottom of the UFO phenomenon, and find out if there really were any legitimate facts for proof.


After contacting the authors of these books, or their reps, I convinced them that I was seriously interested in collaborating my facts and research with theirs, promising elements that they hadn’t yet touched on.  Once the dollar signs became fixed in their brains, they promised to give me their “secret facts” that they were withholding for the “next big book.”  Well, guess what?  They had no facts, just lots of unverifiable input: second-hand stories, “witnesses” who refused to be identified because they claimed to be afraid of losing their cushy jobs...  I was disgusted with 99% of what I found.  Some of these authors actually boasted about how many people had bought their useless books.  Their egos were so big, they snidely attacked me verbally when I pointed out that these “fact offerings” weren’t facts, only hearsay. 


I repeatedly found:


• outdated or factually inaccurate information;

• unverifiable hearsay;

• red herrings pointing to other sources that had no real info, but wanting money anyway;

• no real understanding of the technological principals involved.


I quickly realized that most of these so-called UFO experts were totally useless.   The authors knew that they were useless, but they didn’t care because they were laughing all the way to their bank!  It should come as no surprise that I didn’t respond when they asked if I was still interested in collaborating on their projects.  All having been said, there are a few legitimate authors out there.  Surprisingly, while sifting through the mountains of scam, I was able to isolate some verifiable facts.


These findings completely changed my direction of research.


Trying to dig up facts from the past about UFO’s is predominantly a tabloid affair, except for one very reliable source: The Patent Office.


            It turns out that there exists a legacy of at least one hundred years of inventors who wanted to reach the heavens, and succeeded.  In the US, an inventor can’t receive a patent unless he has a prototype that works.  The prototype must do exactly what the patent application claims.  The inventor must convince the patent examiner that what the inventor claims his invention is doing is actually what is happening.  Only then, will a patent be granted.  Many of these patents have expired, so now their information is available for use and replication by anyone!  My original intent was to write a book about UFO technology; because there is so much information, I had to write an encyclopedia set, instead.


Unfortunately, with over 7 million patents in the US patent office alone, most of the information on “UFO technology” is effectively buried and hidden from the view of the public.  It has taken many years of sifting and sorting to remove the “dross” from the mound and compile the answers to the questions that people want to have answered.


I have compiled this information into the “UFO How-To” series.  These encyclopedias contain hard facts and proven inventions.  No speculations.  No theories about what might work.  Just the hard facts, straight from the mouths of the inventors themselves.


While I think everyone would benefit from owning this whole encyclopedia set, I recognize that some people want very specific facts.  So the encyclopedias are divided into the following volumes and categories:


Volume #1 is for the person who wants answers to historical UFO sightings through the present day, this first volume has 100 years of patented history of strange crafts in the sky that can perform aerial acrobatics that airplanes and helicopters of today are incapable of accomplishing.


Volume #2 is for people who want to know the secrets of antigravity (electrogravitics), by proven patents and the relation of physicists who are not just theorizing, but who actually explain how the science of these antigravity patents work; and how disc shaped crafts have been built that crackle with electricity, can hover, perform right angle maneuvers at high speeds, and disappear from sight with high bursts of speed.


Volume #3 is for the people who’d feel a little more comfortable with science more familiar, similar to rocketry, but immensely more powerful -- the science of plasma propulsion.


Volume #4 is for the people who want to know how a craft can be seen in the sky as a glowing ball of light, yet be invisible to radar -- the science of Magneto-hydro-dynamics.


Volume #5 is for the person who wants to see proof of the use of fusion, cold fusion, and antimatter systems for spaceships is a reality, not just a prop in a science fiction story.


Volumes #6 – for the person who wants proof that flight without propulsive exhaust is not only plausible, but has been accomplished dozens of ways for many, many years.


Volumes #7 through #9 address power systems of alternative energy sources that can be used for flight, home or automobile.


Volume #10 is for the people who want to see other forms of electromagnetic and electrostatic propulsion.


Volume #11 is about navigation and communication systems.


The entire set is recommended for the people who want to build their own UFO craft, with at least two or more means of propulsion, the idea being that you’d have a backup method of propulsion as a failsafe, to increase the overall safety of the vehicle.


Each one of these volumes is over 500 pages in length.  That makes 6500 pages of UFO technology available to you, with many, many pictures and detailed explanations from the inventors themselves on how they built their devices.


The information contained in these books removes the veil from the UFO phenomena and puts the ability to build one for yourself into your hands.


            This technology belongs to you.  Many of the patents have gone into the public domain, and some of the new patents being issued are merely re-hashed versions of the old technology, in an attempt to keep this knowledge out of your hands. 


Well, thanks for letting me share my search for legitimate answers to the questions of UFO technology with you.  I must say I have been thoroughly disappointed with most of the garbage about flying saucerss and other unverifiable bunk that I have found, and I strongly advise that you let common sense and the demand for facts be your guiding light in your search for answers about UFO’s.  Whatever you choose to do, I wish only the best for you and yours.


Best regards,


Luke Fortune











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